J'AIPUR Journal, Issue 1 - Wholesale Pack (10 copies)

J'AIPUR Journal, Issue 1 - Wholesale Pack (10 copies)

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J'AIPUR Journal, Issue 1, includes 96 pages of East-meets-West interviews and stories from around the world. In addition to a stunning, frame-worthy 100lb stipple cover with copper foil details, the magazine is perfect bound and offset litho printed on superior, 80lb post-consumer waste paper with ultralow-VOC vegetable oil-based ink in a 100% carbon neutral print facility.

Inside this advertisement-free issue, we introduce you to extraordinary individuals who aren't chasing shortcuts or disillusioned by some notion of fast success. They are putting in the hard work and time, making sacrifices, and setting aside fear to keep pushing forward in their respective fields. 

In Udaipur, Waswo X. Waswo is bridging nostalgic elements of photography with modern techniques in a studio filled with the most interesting characters. Artist Meera Lee Patel poetically articulates the same thoughts and fears we all have while navigating life. Actor Gopal Divan's not afraid to say what he thinks about pursuing the path of an artist and leaves us with more questions than answers. Manhattan restauranteur and Chef Shiv Puri is innovating traditional Indian cooking into healthy fare that's better for us, and the planet. Potter Panchanan Rudrapal gives us an inside look into life within his workshop in Kolkata where effigies of Hindu gods are made for the festival season. Naveen Shakil Khan is a South Asian woman painting the streets of Brooklyn (and Pakistan) one mural at a time. Through her lens, Hajra Ahmad captures a stunning series of images of the mountainous region of Ladakh. 

We also collaborated with U.K.-based home goods designer Molly Mahon—who shared with us the pages from her travel journal to Jaipur—to create a pocket notebook that you'll find enclosed within this issue. Perhaps you will fill it with thoughts, to-do lists, drawings, recipes, or a travel itinerary. 

We hope the stories in Issue 1 will inspire you to keep creating the life that you want for yourself.

Published by J'AIPUR Studio in Brooklyn, New York; Printed by Hemlock Printers in Vancouver, Canada. J'AIPUR ships worldwide. Please proceed to the checkout to calculate the shipping price and delivery times which vary based on location.

The wholesale pack is shrink-wrapped and shipped in a protective, rigid box to all domestic and international addresses. Gift wrapping of each copy is available for an additional cost.